Subjects - Geography

Subject Definition

Geography is the study of the Earth and its people. Geographers are interested in Earth's physical features, such as mountains, deserts, rivers, and oceans. They are also interested in the ways that people affect and are affected by the natural world.



Children in Year 3 have been learning all about the different Predators found all over the world as a hook to their Geography topic.



Children in Year 1 have used their mapping skills to learn all about Big Cats around the world in their Paws, Claws and Whiskers topic. They first did this by looking around their local area. They then went onto locating places and objects around the world.



In Geography children have been raising awareness about how they can help protect the world in which they live in. This was

through World Wildlife Day which takes place every year. Have a look at some of our amazing work which took place!



Nursery made a zebra using strips of newspaper to create the stripes.



Reception have been learning all about sea turtles! They created beautiful pictures of sea turtles using water colours and discussed the importance if not throwing rubbish in the sea!

Year 1

Year 1 created an amazing fact file. Have a look at some of these fantastic facts all about Orangutans.

Year 2


Year 2 have written amazing facts all about how special elephants are and they are an endangered animal.

Year 3


Year 3 created fact files, have a look at this amazing fact file about meerkats!

Year 4


Year 4 created leaflets to raise awareness of endangered animals around the world. Take a look at this awesome leaflet about World Wildlife Day and the things we can do to help protect our planet!

Year 5


Year 5 have been writing reports! Take a look at this fantastic report all about penguins!

Year 6


Year 6 have written some amazing facts about the animals which are in danger of being extinct! Take a look below at the threats to tigers!