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Collective Worship

Collective Worship

Worship forms a regular and special part of our life here at St. Andrew's. We set aside time during each day to reflect on God, the world he made, the lives we have, on those who need our prayers and to offer thanks for all that we have.

We believe that good worship happens where children are active participants, not passive spectators and this includes being involved in the planning, delivery and evaluation.  This also includes active participation during collective worship through verbally reflecting together on the focus for that day.

We have a group of pupil leaders known as “Faith Ambassadors,” who represent each year group. Our KS2 Faith Ambassadors are involved in the planning, leading and evaluation of class worship.


Aims of Collective Worship at St Andrew’s:

  • Worship at St Andrew’s is always invitational, inclusive and inspirational.

  • Worship will be planned each term around a variety of themes and big questions and will be led by a variety of people including local clergy and church representatives.

  • We follow the pattern of “Gather, Engage, Respond and Send” to frame our acts of worship.

  • We use many diverse forms of worship from the Anglican tradition, such as celebration, silence, reflection, contemplation, meditation, prayer, song, symbols and imagery as vehicles for worship and spiritual growth.

  • We encourage everyone to explore their own beliefs and understanding of God from within a Christian framework focussed on Biblical teaching.

  • We use a vocabulary of worship that encourages the whole school community to attend and participate.

  • We seek to provide opportunities for spiritual, social, moral and cultural development that is characterised by feelings such as awe, wonder, being uplifted, elation, appreciation, gratitude, respect, and reverence.

  • We reaffirm, strengthen and practice our school vision of being a Good Samaritan School – making a difference so all can flourish, by raising awareness so we can have and show concern for the needs of others.

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  • We reaffirm, strengthen and practise our own School Values. (Faith, Hope, Love, Justice, Peace, Perseverance, Forgiveness, Compassion and respect) and celebrate each unique individual member of the school community as made in the image of God.

  • We nurture and encourage respect and care for God's created world by promoting a positive attitude to environmental issues locally, nationally and globally.

  • We raise awareness through reflection of various big questions and other ultimate questions of life.

  • We use worship as an opportunity to develop our sense of us being a school family who are also part of the wider community of Whitmore Reans and our city.

  • During worship, we will celebrate achievements, festivals and special occasions.

  • We seek to deepen and widen the experience of those of ‘faith’ and encourage those of ‘no faith’ so that they increase their understanding of themselves

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