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Breakfast Programme

St Andrew’s CE Primary School have been engaged with the “Magic Breakfast” since Sept 2021. As a school we decided to go for breakfast bagels in the classrooms because we wanted to ensure that all children received a healthy breakfast every day and no child goes hungry.  The children look forward to receiving their bagels every day and we estimate the take up to be around 95% of the school population.  Any spares are offered to pupils at break time so there is no wastage at all.  Hot, toasted bagels are in the classroom for 8.40 every morning ready for the pupils coming into the classrooms. 


I love that we now have bagels, because I used to forget to eat breakfast all the time!



I love how buttery and warm they are!  



I like that they keep me full till lunch!



I like the bagels because they help me to focus and settle before we start work.



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