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Courageous Advocacy

Our school vision is rooted in The Parable of The Good Samaritan. Jesus told this story in response to the question:

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We have learnt together through Collective Worship and across the curriculum what the answer to this question is. EVERYONE is our neighbour, whatever their race, religion, culture or gender and that we should love our neighbour as we love ourselves.

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We have discovered that sadly not everyone in our world has the same opportunities and life experiences. We have learnt more about justice, one of our school values and injustice and as a result each year we want to look for ways we can challenge injustice and make a difference in the world.

Being Change Makers in 2023-2024
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This year we have chosen to focus on the injustice of hunger in our city. Our Faith Ambassadors helped us to understand about the need for foodbanks in our city, which made us realise just how many people struggle to afford to pay for the food they need each week.

Our Faith Ambassadors are working with the School Council to consider ways in which we can raise awareness of this challenge in our city in order to make a difference and bring about change.


We also wanted to practically support The Well, Wolverhampton’s Foodbank. We did this by collecting donations for our harvest festival which we then passed on to The Well to distribute to the needy people in our community and city. We also made food parcels with some of the donations to give to some of families in school who are struggling to buy enough food.

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We will also be making Christmas Cards to send our love and prayers to the people who receive the food parcels over Christmas.

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