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Performing Arts

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Subject Definition

Performing arts is the study of the art around us to gain knowledge and understanding. Performers do this by researching, practising techniques, performing, asking for feedback and improving their work. At St Andrew’s we believe everyone is a performer. We encourage performing as much as possible.

Intent, Implementation & Impact
We celebrate dance at our Diversity event, we share what exciting routines our dance squad have been learning all year.
At St Andrew’s pupils will learn to develop a love of performing and the understanding that anyone can be a performer. This will be encapsulated through the exposure of quality performers within the curriculum and positive role models.
We celebrate dance and invite visitors to show off their skills.
Every year we are lucky enough to have the pantomime visit us, this year we really enjoyed watching Jack and the Beanstalk.
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We implement this through a progressive topic-led curriculum, enhanced by both visitors to the school and wider opportunities for the children to showcase their skills. As well as this, showcasing the children’s work allows the involvement of parents.
Dance has many different elements. These children have been working on their balance.
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At St Andrew's we really enjoy expressing ourselves, everyone is encouraged to take part and enjoy dancing.

Children work hard on their performances and have the chance to self evaluate on how they could make them better.

Lindy Hop

Year 6 have been re-creating the Lindy Hop. They have evaluated their final performances.

Lindy Hop 1.jpg
Lindy Hop 2.jpg

Mexican Hat Dance

Year 6 have been doing some fantastic Mexican hat dances and have evaluated their final performance.

Mexican Hat Dance.jpg
Mexican Hat Dance 2.jpg
Evaluating our work
It is clear that then enjoyment of performing is instilled in the children at St Andrew’s and the encouragement of teachers allows this to blossom.
Children love the opportunity to perform and show off our amazing skills! This is our dance team performing.
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