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Where does snow go?

Our exciting new topic in Nursery is ' Where does snow go?' Our teachers made us an exciting igloo and campfire, with hats, scarfs and gloves to keep us warm. We have had lots of fun learning about snow and have done different activities and investigating! We have enjoyed watching ' The Snowman' movie and making our own snowmen on the carpet using lots of resources, this was really fun! We have also enjoyed using ice to learn about melting and freezing in the out door area. We had to set the dinosaurs free as they were frozen in the ice, we used spoons and hammer to crack the ice and it soon turned into water. We have also had the experience of playing in the sledge with our friends whilst dressing up in warm clothing perfect for the snow! There is more excitement ahead as for our fantastic finish, we are going to see visit Santa and his animal friends. We are so eager and can't wait to go! This topic has been filled with lots of excitement and adventures, you can see from the pictures below!


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