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Story telling workshop – World book day

This week Year 5 have been very lucky to have a special visitor!

We have had a professional storyteller come and share his wisdom and funny stories with us!

We were able to spend over an hour working with him and coming up with some fantastic language and great plot ideas.

Here are some quotes from the children:


"In assembly, a story teller (called John) came in and told us about his job. He told us one of his stories, which was call ‘Sally the ally cat’. This was a fun story because it was based on a cat that lived in the alley behind the house that he grew up in when he was a child."

- Dea


"After the assembly, we went into the hall together (all of Year 5) and we created a story about Waylan. This was fun because he used things that we said to influence and change the story!"

- Mohammed


"He also told us other famous stories that he had changed! He told us a version of Cinderella, which was much more gruesome."

- Layla



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