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School News


The children are enjoying our very new and exciting topic all about potions. In this topic we will be reading the famous story of Romeo and Juliet. We will find out how their story of love turns to tragedy due to a potion!!!

We will then spend time making our own potions while exploring solids, liquids and gases.

Art and Design

As part of our topic, we have created hearts using Binca and thread to represent the love shared between Romeo and Juliet.

We have also made masks from Mod Roc to wear at the Capulet ball!

Designing and painting our own glass potion bottle with special glass paints has been so exciting!


In English, we have been writing a diary entry based on the events of the Capulet party. Follow the link to watch a video, and find out more about the story. 

We have started our new English genre- play scripts. To start this unit off we had some real actors come to visit us, and they helped us to retell the story of Romeo and Juliet through drama!


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