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Forest School - Our Senses

We were learning all about our senses in school. When we got to forest school the children said hello to Ted. Ted could hear them, but he couldn’t see them! The children noticed that Teds eyes were covered with a blindfold so he couldn’t see us. We realised that this was a clue to our activity. The children were blindfolded and had to do extra good listening to follow instructions because they couldn’t see. They used their ears to listen and hands to touch and feel for obstacles.

We had to hold on tight to the blue rope with one hand and listen to Mrs Hughes give instructions to step over things. We walked carefully to follow the blue rope.

We used our ears to listen. “I can hear a bird”

We used our hands to touch

We used our nose to smell.

"I smell chocolate"

And finally, we used our tongues to taste!

"It tastes like chocolate"

"It's yummy"

"I think it is a biscuit"

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