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Subjects - Science

Subject Definition

Science is the study of the world around us to gain knowledge and understanding of how it works. Scientists do this by asking questions and carrying out systematic enquiries.

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Useful Websites


Primary Science Teaching Trust


British Science Association (For 5-7 year olds) (For 7-11 year olds)



Terrific Scientific -

Bitesize KS1 -

Bitesize KS2 -


Explorify on Twitter


Children's University (Year 3-6)

WOW Science

CBeebies (EYFS -Year 2)


Whiz Pop Bang


Bright Sparks - sign up for an online science club and links to Youtube live streams of investigations


Wow Science


BP Education


Science Kids


National Geographic


Easy Science for Kids


How Stuff Works



"3 Is" in Science at St Andrew's
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We use the Science Enquiry Cycle to teach procedural knowledge.

EYFS Enquiry Cycle.PNG
Enquiry Cycle.PNG
Picture 1.JPG

Year 4...exploring circuits

Picture 2.JPG

Year 4...discovering how muscles contract and relax

Picture 3.JPG

Year 6...researching to group and classify

Picture 4.JPG

Year 6...researching to group and classify

Picture 5.JPG

Sports Science Week...Workshops run by Medical Mavericks

Picture 6.jpg

Science Week all about Journeys...this is some of the work in our exhibition. It was entered into a competition with other schools in the city hosted by the University of Wolverhampton.

Picture 7.jpg

We held workshops so parents could come and work with their children on the projects.

Picture 8.png

The Winners Celebration at Wolverhampton University

Picture 9.jpg

Visit to the Micro Science Festival all about Forensics at Worcester University

Picture 10.jpg

A Visit to the Zoo for Year 2...getting up close to the animals.

Picture 11.jpg

Girls in Science...encouraging the next generation of female scientists

Picture 12.jpg

The smiles and concentration say it all. We really enjoy science. We love investigating and are curious to find things out

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