Subjects - History

Subject Definition
History is where we learn about the past. It includes the study of people from the past, past events, significant places and an appreciation of our own place within it. Historians do this by examining a range of sources to evaluate the past and build an understanding of it. 


At St Andrew’s School, we aim to provide an engaging history curriculum which is memorable and stimulating for all pupils.  We believe that the skills that pupils develop within this subject will encourage them to make more reasoned and informed decisions throughout their lives. We strive for history to be an enjoyable subject for all pupils which engages and matures their minds to the world around them and promotes questioning as a stepping stone to knowledge. As well as an improved understanding of established historical facts, pupils will develop their critical thinking skills as part of their life skill toolkit.  They will be encouraged to consider themselves historians when developing a range of skills and disciplines:

  • Chronology Skills

  • Research Skills

  • Source Analysis Skills

  • Comprehension Skills

  • Enquiry Skills

During the school year, pupils in every year group will be engaged with visits, trips, memorable experiences and specialist visitors coming into school to help enhance their learning.  Pupils will always be encouraged to share their own thoughts, personal experiences, cultural backgrounds and their own understanding of history.  At St Andrew’s School, we respect, share and celebrate the history of all people.

Useful Websites

Here you can find lots of short, informative videos about the history topics found across our KS1 and KS2 curriculums.  Suitable for both KS1 and KS2 children.

Click here to play games, watch clips or even entire episodes from the incredibly popular Horrible Histories TV series. More suitable for KS2 but still KS1 appropriate.

Wider periods of history can be explored here with regular updates of popular, current and topical history topics. More suitable for KS2 children.

Games, video clips and lots of information can be found here on a range of history topics.  Just remember to select KS1 or KS2 in the age group option.  KS1 children will likely need help navigating around the site.

Intent, Implementation & Impact

Some of our Historians at Work
Click here to read an incredible story by one of our Year 6 children!