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World Book Day


On Thursday 5th March, children in year 6 celebrated World Book Day by coming to school dressed up as some of their favourite characters from literature.

The pupils passionately discussed the importance of reading with each other and then explored how much reading they do themselves on a daily basis by completing some ‘Reading Rivers’ (which you can see below).

“I was surprised how much reading I do every day. My mom can’t read or write in English and I am glad I can help her.” – Martina


“The ‘Reading River’ really made me think about how much reading I do throughout the day. I enjoyed it.” – Kornelija


“I enjoyed completing my ‘Reading River’ and it really made me realise that reading is EVERYWHERE.” – Eliza


“Reading makes things so much easier because there is so much around us that we need to read to understand.” - Mario

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