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School News


In addition to lessons, to make sure that we knew the importance of each part of a castle we went on a trip to Warwick Castle.

Here are some quotes from the children:

'My favourite part of the day was going into the dungeons! This was because it showed us all of the ways people were tortured and the strange punishments they had!'

- Dea


'I liked it when we went up to the top tower. The view was amazing and you got to see all of the castle defences, such as the moat (even though there was no water in it) it was really cool!'

- Reza


'I loved watching the Birds of prey show. This was because it showed us how they used them to hunt and how hard it is to train them. It also showed me what clever animals they are!'

- Dli


I loved the maze and I wish people still had the space to have them in their gardens now! Can you imagine! Rend


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