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School News

Spring 2 in Year 4

The year 4 children are in for a treat during this new term because we are not only having the COOLEST topic ever but we are developing our English and Maths skills in lots of cross curricular ways.


This term in maths we are practising fractions and finding out why we need to learn about fractions in everyday life. Ask your family and friends if they use fractions on a daily basis? Ask your headteacher and see what fractions are used by Mrs Thompson.

Remember to keep practising these skills at home :-)

Guided Reading

This half term, our focus author is David Walliams, and our whole class text is Demon Dentist. Look at some of the other books that you could read by this amazing author!


Our first English genre of Spring 2 is Narrative verse poetry, which is all about using a poem to tell a story. Our narrative verse poem is based on Porter Robinson's music video for Language. Follow the link to watch the clip.

Burps, Bottoms and Bile

This half term, our St Andrew's foundation curriculum is all about healthy living and the digestive system. We are going to do some amazing learning! Click on the link below to find out more.


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