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School News

Our next topic is 'Are eggs alive?'

We have had a very exciting start to our topic as we had some special eggs delivered. Over the next few days something started to happen... something inside started to pip and then the eggs hatched and out popped baby chicks! They were not fluff to start with, this took time. We have enjoyed looking after the chicks and holding them carefully in the palm of our hands but they can’t stay with us forever so we are sending them to a farm so they can be looked after as they grow. We have done lots of exciting activities including drawing chicks, ordering the life cycle of a hen, painting, collaging and much more.

For our fantastic finish we are going to the 'Wildside Activity Centre' to learn about the different types of eggs and to have a go at holding eggs of all different sizes. We will also be going on an exciting egg hunt in the woodlands!

This truly has been an eggciting topic and we look forward to the next one!


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