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School News

Launch Day

To launch our new amazing topic for Spring 2 we went on an adventure in our local woodland.

We visited Wildside activity centre where we completed lots of wonderful activities to get us thinking and learning lots about the woodland.

We collected lots of woodland objects such as twigs, leaves, stones and feathers. We listened carefully and learnt the names of trees. We also looked and collected a selection of leaves and matched them to work out which tree they were from. We also made careful observations of the trees and even linked our science learning from Autumn term to work out whether the trees were deciduous or evergreen. Some of us were even able to explain how they knew! We also discussed the animals that like to live in a woodland and why.

We went into a special part of the woodland where it was extremely magical. We added magic dust to a cauldron and some of the children stirred the water and dust together to make it magic by saying magic words like “hocus pocus” and “abracadabra”. We made a very special potion and got to add some of the things we had collected on our stroll through the woodland. We had to think about what this potion would do if someone was to drink it.

Some of the ideas the children came up with:

“My potion would turn you into a fluffy rabbit because I have a white fluffy feather in my potion”.

“My potion would make everyone have squeaky voices”

“My potion would make you run really fast”

“My potion would make you have a unicorn horn and angel wings because I had unicorn mist in mine”

After that, we had a very important job to do. The tree boggarts at Wildside were very upset because they didn’t have anywhere to live as the storm had destroyed their homes. We were up for the challenge and ready to help make the tree boggarts happy again so we had to listen very carefully to the instructions that were given. We could only use the objects in the woodland to help create their home so that they were camouflaged and other animals didn’t know they were there. We got given our very own tree boggart and had to find somewhere special in the woodland to create their new homes. We had so much fun making the houses and made sure we worked as a team.


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