School News

Last year Year 5 entered into a competition - Premier League Writing Stars Poem competition

Mohamed’s poem has been selected as being Highly Commended for this year’s Writing Stars competition. They would like to feature his entry in the book we are creating that will also feature the winners poems. This is the poem he submitted:


A lonely boy mute to the world,

Smothered by brick towers,


Scared of his own shadow,

And an army of faceless drones.

I can do this.

Staring at the road before him,

Gazing upon the beauty of time,

Cold sweat running down his spine,

Fear of failure clouds his mind.

I can do this.

Time and day bleeding together.

Darkness eating up the light.

A flash of hope chasing bad memories.

Could this be my saving grace?

Eyes unable to settle clearly.

A droplet of hope in an ocean of despair.

I can do this.

Nearly at the summit,

Freedom in his sight,

An unstoppable force pulling him through,

Ambition cheering him on.

Dousing the embers of fear,

I can do this.

Drove to the sight of freedom,

Curiosity strikes his mind like lightning,

Coming face to face with his god,

Memories swim to the front of his mind.

I can do this.

Only one stop left to reach his ambition.

Electricity vibrating in his blood cells,

Snaring through all his problems,

Serenity washes over him.

Tingles run up and down his spine,

Finally he knows how to feel free.

A massive congratulations to our newest author!!