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Hola México Celebration Day

On the 3rd of October, year 6 celebrated their learning with their parents and carers. The hall was filled with a variety of ‘learning stations’ where the expert year 6 children enthusiastically shared their knowledge of their Hola México topic. The history, geography, music, art, and the religious beliefs of Mexican peoples were celebrated as well as some tasty food.

Children’s Quotes:

“It was really fun to share my learning with my mum and getting my face painted of course.” – Lareh (6W)

“I loved sharing nachos with my classmates and also having my face painted as a Mexican Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) skeleton.” – Kajus (6W)

“Mexican music is so good. I loved doing the Mexican Hat Dance.” – Cole (6W)

“The Mexico Day was great. I really enjoyed showing my work to my mum and I also got my face painted too.” – Martina (6W)

“I loved getting my face painted and joining in with my friends.” – Ronja (6W)

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