Return to School for Children – March 2021

Wolverhampton council have issued the following information to help parents and careers with sending their children back to school at this important time.


We hope that this further comforts you in the knowledge that as a school we are doing all we can to keep your children as safe as possible. 

Please feel free to share this with your child and as always as a school we are here if you have any questions. 

All loaned laptops will need to be returned to the school office, please DO NOT hand them over to class teachers. Thank you

Dates for Return:


ALL pupils will return to school on MONDAY 8th MARCH


The new school day

                                     Arrive                            Pick up

Nursery am                   8.30                                 11.30

Nursery pm                   12.20                                 3.00 - 3.15

all other children           8.40 - 9.00                        3.00 - 3.15

Procedure for dropping children off: This is a one-way system

  • Please enter through the Hordern Road Entrance

  • After dropping children off please leave by the main Coleman Street entrance – DO NOT go back via Hordern Road (This is to ensure social distancing and to keep everyone safe).

  • Only one adult allowed on site to drop children off and pick up.

  • Only one adult to enter the main entrance foyer at any time.

  • When on school grounds please stay 2 METRES APART at all times.

  • Children will go straight into their classrooms to reduce mixing in corridors.

  • Children will not be released through the school office unless it is an emergency.


Classroom procedures

  • Children will stay within their own class for all of their lessons

  • Children will be reminded to wash their hands regularly – and shown how to do this

  • Children should bring in their own labelled water bottle.

  • Classroom doors will be left open to minimise the use of door handles.

  • Children will not be bringing any resources home and should not bring in any resources from home

  • All classrooms and shared spaces will be cleaned regularly.

  • Lunchtime will be staggered and children will remain with pupils in their own classes.


Procedure for picking up at the end of the day

  • Please arrive via the Hordern Road entrance and follow the route for dropping children off.

  • If waiting for any children to be released please ensure you remain social distanced from other parents/adults (2 METRES APART)


General Information

  • Please DO NOT send your child into school if they or anyone in your household is displaying any symptoms of Covid 19 – High Temperature, Persistent Cough, Loss of the sense of taste/smell

  • If your child has symptoms of Covid-19 you should apply for a test and keep them off school for 10 days unless a negative result

  • Please DO NOT send your child into school if they have any other illness or symptoms e.g. vomiting, diarrhoea, colds etc. Only send children who are fit and healthy

  • Please talk to your child about good hygiene and handwashing.

  • Please encourage your children to catch germs in tissues and out them straight in the bin (specials bins for this waste are to be provided in school)

  • Please talk to child about social distancing

  • If your child has an appointment during the session do not send them into school.

  • Where possible children should be wearing school uniform.