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Art Ambassadors

Welcome to the Arts Ambassadors homepage.

Please read on to hear about who we are and what we do.


Aims of the Arts Ambassadors

  1. To give the pupils a 'voice' in our school linked to the Arts

  2. To ensure the art room and drama room is fully stocked

  3. To keep the Art spaces in the school tidy

  4. To write the termly Arts Newsletter


What is the ‘Arts’?


The ‘Arts’ is:

  • Dance

  • Drama

  • Art

  • DT

  • Music


How often do the Arts Ambassadors meet?

Our Arts Ambassadors aim to meet once a month. These meeting happen in Miss Heywood’s classroom at lunchtime.


So far as Arts Ambassadors:

So far as Arts Ambassadors we have:

  • Visited Lichfield Cathedral to see and amazing art exhibition. (Click here to view)

  • Interviewed sculptors that will come into school to help teach art. (Click here to view)

  • Sorted the room for the arts so it is a clean and tidy space for lessons

  • Written the Autumn Arts newsletter

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